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Saturday 28 May - Woodlands Manor

Lindsey and Rob

I often have a mild panic whenever it comes to bank holiday weekend weddings as always expect the worst regarding the weather. I needn't have worried about Lindsey and Rob's day through as it was dry and warm meaning it was more difficult to encourage people to go inside than out!

Woodlands Manor

wedding dress

flowergirl dresses


bride and bouquet

This was however one of only a handful of weddings where I met the groom for the first time when he arrived at the venue. As you'll see there was a aeronautical theme running through this wedding, even down to the groom's cufflinks.

groom and bestman


There was a slight delay with the ceremony when it was realised that the groom's parents were still on route. The couple's youngest daughter then didn't want to walk down the aisle on her own (or with the other bridesmaids and flowergirls) so ended up holding mum's hand until she could be coaxed to sit on a seat.

ceremony setup





In keeping with the colour-scheme, each guest was given a cardboard pouch containing red rose petals to use as confetti. They certainly made quite a mess and I even offered to sweep up a bit later as felt super guilty. Everyone mingled at the front of the house for drinks which made things nice and easy for me when it came to photos.



guest drinks

bride and groom chink glasses

guest drinks

guest drinks

guest drinks

guest drinks

It always used to be that red was predominately a winter wedding colour but that's no longer the case. Mind you, with 3 flowergirls in white to contend with I was determined to try and get photos done before they ended up covered in grass stains, orange juice or bubble mixture! The grounds at Woodlands aren't huge but there are still areas to explore with the couple and the bridal suite makes for a great vantage point for an all guest shot.



bridal party

bride and groom

One of the guests had brought his drone and Go-Pro with him so we had a bit of a play during the all guest shot flying it above them. OK ... it also may have gotten lost over the roof of the hotel briefly but I never said I was much good at movie directing!

Each of the wedding breakfast tables was named after an aircraft and identified with a chalkboard outline. Flowers were put into open Kilner jars which had been decorated with lace, ribbons and pearls. Favours consisted of candles in jam jars and beer can coolers.

wedding breakfast setup

table details

Before the couple cut their cake and took to the dancefloor, I knew that they wanted to make the most of the setting sun. I'd scoped whether it was possible to drag them down to the local ford ... but that would have meant disturbing the resident moody swans so in the end we stayed with the woods (even if it did mean a few stinging neetles).

sun through the trees

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