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Friday 21 August - St Josephs Catholic Church and Leaside Hotel Luton

Laura and Jamie

Since they booked me to photograph for their wedding, Laura and Jamie's big day had a few changes... including an amended date and even venue. Thankfully everything came together in the end and it was a pleasure to be part of it. Laura got ready at home and right from the start wanted a bit of Hollywood glamour to her look so added extra beads to her headband and made sure that her favourite red lipstick was pride of place.

wedding dress



bride makeup

The ceremony was held at St Josephs which has great columns at the doorways and blue domed ceiling inside. A string duo played as Laura walked down the aisle which sounded amazing - who says you need a quartet? From my perspective I found it funny that Deacon Jim who conducted the ceremony forgot to ask one of the bridesmaids to take the bride's bouquet, so she was left holding it for ages. When it came to the vows Laura shot me a desperate glance and I nipped in and took it from her!

groom at church

pageboy with rings

bride entrance



exchange rings

light candle


As everyone exited the church the bridal cars started up the machines and filled the air with bubbles - a lot less messy than confetti I will admit. The chauffeur popped the champagne (I think he had Formula One podium aspirations) and after letting the guests mingle I took a few formal shots at the doorway.

bride and groom exit church


drink champagne

bridal party

bridal party

Before making a grand entrance at the Leaside Hotel we stopped off at Wardown Park for a few photos and for the bride and groom to catch their breath. What I hadn't realised was that the videographer didn't know the area, had got separated from the convey of me and the bubble car in traffic and couldn't remember the name of the park we were going to, other than it started with a 'W'. He ended up at Whipsnade!!

bride and groom hug

bride and groom sat on tree trunk

car arrives at hotel

flowergirl and pageboy

The wedding breakfast had a film theme. Each guest was given a ticket with the name of a famous movie star that they would be sitting next to and then they had to find the relevant photo to find their seat. I loved it and hope everyone approved of their dinner companions!

wedding breakfast

table decorations


The day was rounded off with perfect August evening sunlight and warmth, so much so that all the guests were more than happy to sit outside on the terrace and chat, rather than go inside and dance. Now that autumn has well and truely kicked in I miss those summer nights already!

with personalised car plate

first dance

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